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Turnkey Integrations for Blackboard Learn

We could have just implemented a simple SSO link within Blackboard and called that our Blackboard integration, but we didn’t. From the beginning, it was our focus to offer Blackboard institutions the best and most robust integration functionality to support the entire course evaluation process. Literally, a turnkey integration to deploy. Seamless survey access and features to drive student response rates. Access to results and real-time response rate monitoring right within Blackboard. And, features designed to streamline and automate the operational process of setting up and deploying projects. All of these awesome features make up our unique suite of integrated functionality for Blackboard.

The Most Robust Suite of Features

User Integration Features

  • Automated Survey Notifications & Course Blocking
  • Dashboard Survey Widget
  • Dynamic Survey Link in Course Navigation
  • Gradebook Points
  • Real-Time Response Rate Display
  • Instructor & Administrator Results Access

Data Integration Features

  • Search/Select Bb Courses for Projects
  • Auto-Import of Students and Instructors from Bb
  • Auto-Refresh Enrollments
  • Automate Surveys Based on Course Dates
  • Support for Bb Groups
  • Bb Hierarchy Import

Drive Response Rates with Automated Survey Notifications

EvaluationKIT was the pioneer in first inventing and deploying this process within Blackboard for survey taking. With our robust survey integration functionality, millions of students have seamlessly accessed their surveys within Blackboard and our clients rave about the response rates they get with our solution.

Streamline Your Course Evaluation Process – Turnkey Data Integration

One-of-a-kind Blackboard Data Integration
that leverages the data you already have in Blackboard
to automate your course evaluation process

EvaluationKIT & Blackboard: Long-Term Partnership

EvaluationKIT has a strong partnership history with Blackboard that provides so many Blackboard institutions a valuable and unique set of functionality for seamlessly managing the course evaluation and survey process directly within Blackboard. EvaluationKIT was one of the fist companies in its product category to partner with Blackboard almost 10 years ago, and continues to be the top choice among Blackboard institutions.

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