System Features

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Easy Implementation

In addition to the onboarding and training services that we include for all new clients, your EvaluationKIT by Watermark account comes packed with account customization and management features so that you can easily tailor your account to fit your needs. As well, our turnkey integrations for all leading higher ed LMS’s make it super easy to integrate your survey process with your institution’s LMS. The result is a smooth and timely rollout of your account, so you can begin quickly deploying your survey projects.

Simple to Manage

EvaluationKIT is thoughtfully designed to support the course evaluation and survey needs of higher education, with features specifically designed to simplify your operations.  Administering course evaluations is transformed into a straightforward and efficient process with EvaluationKIT.

Features to Drive Response Rates

For over 10 years, EvaluationKIT has been leading the way to great response rates in online surveys with a host of innovative features designed to encourage student participation. Students will enjoy the convenience of completing surveys in EvaluationKIT, with effortless access options, including: (1) Seamless automated notifications in strategic locations within your LMS, (2) Survey access via “One-Click” links in email communications, (3) SSO via Portal or Direct Login, and (4) Mobile Access with our mobile-friendly responsive interface from any mobile device.

Reporting That is Powerful and Easy to Use

EvaluationKIT simplifies the process for distributing your course evaluation results, allowing you to automate access to results for both instructors and administrators. Administrators at all levels of your institution can easily find summary and detailed results within the areas they oversee, and instructors can access results for the courses they teach. You control when users can access the results, and reports can be directly accessed within your LMS, through “One-Click” links in automated email notifications, or from a secure standalone site via single sign on using CAS, Shibboleth, LDAP, or LTI.

Key Features

  • Account Setup & Management

    Start by setting up your EvaluationKIT account using our account setup and management features. This process can be completed in minutes, allowing you to customize your account including customized user dashboards.

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  • Control & Automate Results Availability

    You control and automate when instructors and administrators can access results, and which results they can access.

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  • Customize & Manage Surveys

    Easily create, customize and manage your surveys using our survey building features.

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  • Reporting & Analytics

    Robust built-in reporting features allow instructors and administrators to view results in reports, and interact with results to combine and compare data.

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  • Create, Automate & Manage Projects

    As the EvaluationKIT Administrator you have complete control over all details related to your course evaluation and survey projects. In addition to controlling all dates, you can automate much of the process to streamline project management.

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  • Controlled Access to Surveys

    Survey access is organized and controlled for each student.  Students view their own Student Dashboard where they can only access surveys for courses in which they are enrolled.

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  • Accessible

    EvaluationKIT designs, develops and tests EvaluationKIT to meet the WCAG 2.0 standards and Section 508 guidelines.

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  • Mobile/Responsive Design

    With EvaluationKIT’s Responsive Design, use any device type and have a great user experience.

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