EvaluationKIT and Canvas celebrate five years of partnership this month, an awesome anniversary that reflects many ed tech ‘firsts’.

EvaluationKIT was the first course evaluation provider to join Canvas’ partner program in 2013, paving the way for hundreds of Canvas institutions to streamline their course evaluation process. Soon thereafter, EvaluationKIT introduced several important ‘first-to-market’ features for driving student participation in surveys, including automated survey notifications with course blocking, and much more. And in yet another first, EvaluationKIT introduced turnkey data integration with the Canvas API that makes set-up and administration of surveys super-efficient for Canvas institutions.

The impact of these innovations has been powerful, as hundreds of Canvas institutions have since adopted EvaluationKIT, and in another first, Instructure invited EvaluationKIT to become a top-tier Alliance Partner, the first course evaluation provider to receive this distinction, and further validation of the important role EvaluationKIT plays in the Canvas community.

Working in partnership with Instructure, empowering hundreds of Canvas institutions and their students, EvaluationKIT is proud to offer the most robust, integrated course evaluation features for Canvas. Thank you to our wonderful partners at Instructure for a fantastic five years, and thank you to the many Canvas institutions who have entrusted EvaluationKIT to help support their course evaluation process. Here is to continuing to improve course evaluations and student feedback for so many Canvas institutions today, and even more in the years ahead!