Turnkey Integrations

You can easily use EvaluationKIT integrated with your Learning Management System, Campus Portal, and your Student Information System.  Our integration options make it easy for students to access their surveys, instructors and administrators can view their reports without a separate login, and the overall project setup process is considerably streamlined.

EvaluationKIT has turnkey integrations for popular Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard Learn, Instructure Canvas, Moodle, Moodlerooms Joule, Brightspace by D2L, Pearson LearningStudio, and others.

If you wish to implement direct user authentication with other systems at your institution, EvaluationKIT has built-in functionality to support the various industry standard user authentication methods. As well, EvaluationKIT offers robust integration APIs.

User Integration

Use EvaluationKIT’s User Integration plugins and turnkey integrations to allow users to seamlessly and securely pass from an already authenticated environment at your institution (e.g., your LMS or Portal) directly into EvaluationKIT, without needing to login again.

Data Integration

Help make your project setup a breeze with our turnkey Data Integration solutions, which allow you to securely transfer course and user information from your LMS or SIS directly into EvaluationKIT.  So, no additional uploads of course or user information are needed.

Custom Data & User Integrations

Connect and use our APIs to implement your own import or export of additional data into or out of EvaluationKIT, and implement your own custom user integration with EvaluationKIT.

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EvaluationKIT has developed a robust integration to plugin our course evaluation system directly into Instructure’s Canvas platform.  Our turnkey integration for Canvas is quick to implement and is FREE to EvaluationKIT customers.  EvaluationKIT seamlessly integrates with Canvas, automatically notifying a student when they have a survey to take and allowing them to easily access their surveys directly from within Canvas. As well, instructors and administrators can access their own automated reports and analytics directly within Canvas. EvaluationKIT’s turnkey integration functionality includes features so that Canvas can be used as a data source to securely sync all course and user information from Canvas with EvaluationKIT, providing an efficient means for populating this information and for keeping it automatically updated when add/drop enrollment changes are made in the LMS.