NR Corp Site Features - Hierarchy

Setup & Manage Your Account

Start by setting up your EvaluationKIT account using our account setup tools.  This process can be completed in minutes, allowing you to customize your account with your institution logo and colors, setup your institutional hierarchy, and then enroll administrators in order to give them access to results for the areas they oversee.

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Customize Your Dashboard

Customize your user dashboards to display useful and engaging content in a variety of widgets, right when your users login to the system. The different widgets contain various operational analytics, charts, alerts, and navigation features.

NR Corp Site Features - Survey Builder

Easily Create Surveys

Easily create your own custom surveys and update them as you need to by using our survey building tools.  You can create a variety of different question types ranging from Likert-type questions to open-ended text questions.  Use our visual editor to format your surveys without knowing any HTML.  You can even allow instructors to add their own custom survey questions for just the courses they teach.

NR Corp Site Features - Projects

Create & Manage your Course Evaluation and Survey Projects

As the EvaluationKIT Administrator you have complete control over all details related to your course evaluation and survey projects.  You control the dates when surveys begin and end, and the courses, students, and instructors involved in your projects.  You can quickly upload course and student information, or use our built-in integration options that connect with different Learning Management Systems, including Blackboard®.  Within a few clicks you can also setup and schedule email invitations to students and reminder emails to any non-respondents.

NR Corp Site Features - Survey Taking

Access to Surveys

Survey access is organized and controlled for each student.  Students view their own Student Dashboard where they can only access surveys for courses they are enrolled in.  Students are only able to provide one survey submission per survey, and their responses are completely anonymous.  Choose from a variety of different options to allow your students access, including; integration with your Learning Management System and Student Portal, through email, from mobile devices, and as a standalone process.

NR Corp Site Features - Results

Provide Results to Instructors and Administrators

EvaluationKIT offers built-in reporting features that allow instructors and administrators to view results in reports, bar-charts, and even download the raw data files.  You control when instructors and administrators can access results, then within a few clicks they can see summary reports for the courses they teach or the areas they oversee.