If you have unique reporting needs that aren’t addressed with our out of the box reporting features, we can develop custom reports and operational dashboards to fit your specific reporting needs.


Administrator Operational Dashboards

With EvaluationKIT’s robust operational dashboard framework we can customize very specific dashboard views of customer data.  These dashboards allow different administrators within your institution to quickly and easily see specific data related to the areas they oversee, and then to view summary key performance metrics.  In the customization process we will help identify the various metrics to be included in the dashboards, the user navigation through the data, and different approaches for visually presenting the results.  The end result is a dashboard reporting system customized to your key metrics and useful for Administrators at all levels of your institution.

Administrator Custom Reports

Administrator Custom Reports

If there are reports that your institution uses which are very specific to your needs, EvaluationKIT can customize its reporting framework to deliver completely customized reports. These reports can then be made available within EvaluationKIT to appropriate levels of the administration at your institution.