NR Corp Site Features -Data Import

Data Import

You can import data that was collected via paper surveys or even another system, then have all of your data centralized in one place for reporting purposes.  Just use our Data Import module, which allows you to import .CSV files and upload the survey data directly into your account.  Then you can make the results available from within EvaluationKIT, just as if the data were collected from within the system.

NR Corp Site Features - Student Reporting

Student Reporting

Would you like to allow students to also view results?  With EvaluationKIT’s Student Reporting Module make course ratings for specific survey questions available to students based on area, course, and/or instructor search criteria.  You control which survey questions are made available and when, and you can even exclude specific courses from the results.  Also, with Student Reporting only registered users can access results, and this module can be integrated into your LMS or Portal.  For advanced users you can setup reporting access so that students need to complete their course evaluations in order to access results.

Text analytics

EvaluationKIT Text Analytics

With EvaluationKIT Text Analytics you can unlock the value of large volumes of text write-in responses to understand what students are writing in about at the course, department, college, and institutional levels without reading each comment one by one. You control which questions are analyzed, and the summary results are included automatically in your standard reports. Results include summary table of top themes, metrics for each theme, and sentiment analysis to gage how negative or positive the comments are about each specific theme.